How to Monetize a Blog (Best Ways to make money from Blog)

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Monetize a BlogWe get into blogging to create maybe passive income on the side or just to have a place to share personal stories. We might not even think about monetizing it until we realize how much time it can take up or we want to turn our passion project into something that’s profitable. I am here to help you on how to monetize a Blog.

There are many ways to make money from a blog. I will share top seven strategies to monetize a Blog.

1) Affiliate Marketing

I don’t know that a lot of people understand what affiliate marketing is? And it took me a while to wrap my head around it too. But the basic idea is that there are products and services available for sale out there today, and the companies that are producing those products want to try to sell as much as possible.

So they’ve created something called an affiliate program. That’s where you sign up, and you will get a unique link that you can put throughout blog posts or maybe even a banner ad on your website.

If someone clicks on that link and purchase a product, you will get a percentage of that sale.

Now there are various ranges of how this works. Some companies will pay you 50% of the sale and others will be much less it varies.

It’s straightforward to sign up. But the hard thing is getting people to click on your Affiliate link. You might want to be careful and get to affiliate marketing heavy on your website. Be selective and choose products and services that you know already or have tried yourself. Always select products related to your niche.

So Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a blog. To know more about Affiliate Marketing Click Here.

2) Monetize with Ads

You can monetize a blog by placing Ads on your Blog. We’ve all seen them right the crazy number of ads on the side and in posts of a Blog.

There are two ways to get Ads on your blog.

  • By signing up on Ad networks.
  • By visiting direct to Companies.

There are many ad networks available where you can sign up and get ad codes from them to place on your blog. Many of them provide different types of ads like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Pop up Ads, etc. You can put them on your blog and make money from them.

Here is the list of some popular Ad Networks.

Or you can monetize a blog by selling your ads places to companies who are looking to advertise their business. To find Advertisers for your blog you need to create a page on your blog named “Advertise with Us”. Where you will share All details like your daily page views. How much you will charge for advertisements, Terms & Conditions etc.

Or you can reach directly to companies by emailing them. To find companies related to your niche use Google. Search anything related to your niche and find companies websites. Then contact them by email or phone number if available.

3) Selling Products

You can monetize your blog by selling products. It can be digital products like ebooks or courses. Pre-recorded courses that you’ve made available for download on your website or they can be physical products like something that you’re making from home or if you’re representing another company’s products.

If you are perfect in something then make courses about it and sell them on your blog.

 4) Create membership website

You’ve probably seen them before but maybe not know that that’s what they’re called. It’s when you pay for an online course or product or service and then you are given login information to access the course this is called a membership website.

The website is only available to people who pay and sign up for the information. You can find information on Google that how to set up your first membership website.

5) Consulting or Coaching

This one will take a little bit more out of your own time. but it is an option and something that you can start doing immediately in order to start making money.

Make a few announcements on your social media pages and or write a blog post about how you have some free time open in your upcoming coaching schedule.

Let everyone know up front how much you charge and when you’re closing the program. Even if you just have one or two people that’s more money than you start it with a right.

6) Paid Guest Post

You can do is if you’re in an industry where you often promote other products or services by other businesses. You can have an option on your website where people can pay you to write about them or can pay you to share their content on your blog.

This one might work a little bit like the paid advertisements. Where you might need to do some direct outreach in order to make those sales or if you become known as someone who does these then you might find that the business starts a comment.

7) Selling Services

You can monetize your blog by selling your services. For example, if you are a graphics designer then you can sell your graphic designs or you can find customers for it. Or if you are expert in any other thing like Blogging, WordPress, SEO or any other Services then you can make good money.

So these were some best methods to Monetize a blog and make money from it. If you don’t have a blog and you want to create a blog then click here.

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