How to make money from Shutterstock (Step by Step Guide)

How to make money from Shutterstock

How to make money from Shutterstock. Today I will share how you can make money from your Photography.

So first you have to know what is Shutterstock? Shutterstock is a website where you can sell or buy stock photos, videos, and music. Shutterstock is a very big platform to sell or buy photos, If you have good photography or cinematography skills then you can make some big amount of money from Shutterstock. If you are a graphics designer and you have a good knowledge of programs like  Adobe Illustrator, Coral draw or any other software that work on vector-based then you can also make a big amount of money by selling your vectors.

When someone buys image or a vector from Shutterstock he will get a license to use that anywhere. Because the photos are on Shutterstock are royalty free. After purchasing user has a license to use a purchased photo for personal or commercial use. If you have some images taken which are good in quality then its time to make some money from them.So in this article, I will show you how to make money from Shutterstock. We will go through a step by step guide from making an account to uploading content.

How to create an account on Shutterstock

Before Sign up must read their terms and conditions.

First, go to and click sign up now.

How to make money from Shutterstock

A page with a sign-up form will appear. You have to fill your details with your full name, display name, your email, and a strong password. Also, tick the box to agree to their terms and conditions.

How to make money from Shutterstock

After completing signup process open your email and confirm your email address by clicking on a link that is sent by Shutterstock.

How to make money from Shutterstock

Now your account is created. Again go to and click on sign in. Sign in link will be located under the signup button or in the top right corner.

How to make money from Shutterstock

After sign in you have to complete your profile by adding more information like Contributor Type, profile picture, social media accounts and set your portfolio link to increase your profile strength.

How to make money from Shutterstock

How to make Money from Shutterstock

Now you are done making a profile and its time to learn how to make money from Shutterstock. So click on the upload images red button on left side.How to make money from Shutterstock

Click on upload multiple images and select the images that you want to upload on Shutterstock. Now it will take some time to upload images depend on your internet speed.How to make money from Shutterstock

When upload process will be complete you have to click on next button. Then tick the image and fill the details in description, category, and keywords. Then click on submit button.

How to make money from Shutterstock

You will get a confirmation mail from Shutterstock. Now they will review your submitted photos. If your photos are legit and good in quality they will approve it but if they reject then you have to upload other photos. when your photos will be approved you will get a confirmation mail.How to make money from Shutterstock

When will you get sales?

It’s a very tricky question because no one knows when you will get your first customer. Its depend on the quality and somehow on your luck. After uploading photos don’t think that it will start getting sales immediately. There is very tough competition on Shutterstock.  But if the quality of your content is good then you will defiantly get sales through Shutterstock. But it will take time I don’t know how much maybe 10 or 20 or maybe it will take 2 months.

How much Shutterstock pay for one photo?

They don’t give rate like $5 or $10 per photo. The rate you receive will on subscription, demand and downloads and its depend on how much you’ve earned through Shutterstock. They provide four tiers for Lifetime Revenue: $0-$500, $500-$3,000, $3,000-$5,000 and $5,000-$10,000. for better understand see the chart below. Or check their blog by click here.

Your Lifetime Earnings as a Contributor* Monthly Subscriber Image** On Demand Image** (Sml/Med) On Demand Image** (Any Size) Custom Image /
Enhanced License Image**
Footage Clip
$0 – $500 $0.25 $0.81 $1.88 20% (up to $80) 30%
$500 – $3,000 $0.33 $1.07 $2.48 25% (up to $100) 30%
$3,000 – $10,000 $0.36 $1.17 $2.70 28% (up to $112) 30%
$10,000+ $0.38 $1.24 $2.85 30% (up to $120) 30%

What is Shutterstock’s payout circle?

At Midnight (12:00 AM EST) New York Time on the 1st day of the month the payment period ends and a new cycle begins. After the end of the payment period, they immediately start calculating users payments. But they only calculate the paments of those users who are eligible to receive a payment and whose earnings reached the minimum payout.The process of calculating payments usually takes a few days.

Shutterstock sends payments to Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer on 7th or 15th of the month.And theCheck payments are processed around the 15th day of the month and sent to the mailing address in your account shortly after. Delivery times for checks vary by country.It takes 2 to 4 weeks to receive. If your account is disabled or under investigation, payment will not be issued.

Do you need to make Payout Request?

Simply no, it can be not really required so that you can get in touch with Shutterstock to demand your payment. when your earnings reach minimum payout they automatically send your payments to your Skrill, Paypal or any other method which you have selected in your account for payout.

I hope you get an idea about how to start working with Shutterstock. If you have any questions you can write in comment box.

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