How to make Money from Amazon for free

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make Money from Amazon for free

Everyone who uses the internet, know about Amazon. Amazon is a company which sells a wide variety of consumer goods like Electronics, Clothing, Home decorators and many other products. You can also sell your products on Amazon and make Money. But if you don’t have any products to sell? Then don’t worry you can still make money from Amazon. In this article, I will share all methods to make money from Amazon for free. So let’s start.

Make Money from Amazon for free

There are two ways to make money from Amazon for free without having any products.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Drop Shipping
  • Getting Free Products from Amazon and Sell Them

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon is a great way to make money from Amazon. You can make a good amount of money by promoting Amazon products. There are many ways to promote their products and earn up to 10%  to 12% of commissions from every sale you made. Commision rates depend on products and countries.

Amazon Associates available in United States, United Kingdom, Deutschland, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italia, Espana, India, Brazil, and Mexico. You can sign up from any country but your targeted visitors should be from one of them from mentioned countries.

So first you need an Amazon Associates account. To sign up go to Then choose the country for your targeted traffic from the drop-down list available in the bottom right corner.

make Money from Amazon for free

After selecting your targeting country click on the yellow button with text”Join Now for Free”. It will show you a sign in page. If you already have an account then login using your email and password or click on “Create your Amazon account” button. Now fill all required details and sign up.  After sign up, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link available in email and confirm your sign up.

When you finish sign up process then again visit Click on login and sign in using your email and password. Now complete your profile by adding tax and payment information.

Now the sign-up process is complete. It’s time to find products and promote them. There are many ways to promote Amazon products like by creating a YouTube channel or a Blog, you can also promote on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. These all methods are free of cost. So these are the great ways to start.

1) Promote with a free Blog

To learn how to create a free blog click here. After creating a blog, now we need to find a product related to our niche. For that go to Amazon Associates account and choose however your cursor on “Product Linking”. It will show a drop-down menu from there click on “Product Links”.

Then Search for a  product by typing product keyword for example “Mobile”. After searching product, you will show some results related to your search keyword. Then find the product from the search results and click on “Get Link” button. Now you have to choose ” Text and Image, Text only, or Image only. Text and Image will show product link with the image. Text only will show Only product link and Image only will show product image without text. I would like to recommend you to choose text and image.

Now scroll down and copy the code from the box and paste it in your blog post and write about that product. Now you need to drive some traffic to your blog. To know how to increase blog traffic click here.

2) Promote with a Youtube Channel

Youtube is also a great source for Affiliate Marketing. Create a Youtube channel and make videos about product reviews and upload on Youtube and post your link in the description of your video. The more views you get on videos more chances of generating sales.

3) Promote On Social Media

You can promote your product links on your social media profiles. Share your link with your friends. You can also join groups related to Amazon and share your products in those groups.


This is a very good and effective method make Money from Amazon for free. To start drop shipping you don’t need Amazon Associates account. You can use your buyer account to start drop shipping.

To start drop shipping business go to Amazon.Com and find products with at least 40% off. Then go to and create a seller account on eBay. After creating seller account on eBay login to your account and complete your profile. Then save images from Amazon and copy all details and description from Amazon and post that Item on eBay with the price you want for example original price is $30 and offer price is $15 on Amazon then post $25 on eBay. You will make $10 profit on every sale.

When someone order product from you on eBay. You have to order that product from Amazon and in the shipping address use your customer’s address. The main point here only use those products which have gift options available. Because if you order the product without gift it will give them a bill and a box of Amazon. Customer will not accept it. But when you choose as a gift they will send it as gift without bill. So always choose products which have gift options.

Getting Free Products from Amazon and Sell Them

There are many ways to get free products from Amazon which you will find here. You can get many products free from Amazon. After getting free products you can sell them on sites like eBay, Olx or on Social Media.

So these were best three methods to make Money from Amazon for free.

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